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Work Plan

WP1 Ethics

WP1 is dedicated to the ethics and safety issues of the project. The person responsible for WP1 is the Project Coordinator. To achieve the aims of this WP he will together with the respective WP leaders seek the approval of the Local Ethic Boards of the involved institutions whenever applicable, work together with the safety authority of the IHG PAS as well as members of the Management Board and the Project Officers in Brussels.

WP2 Transfer of knowledge

WP2 is devoted to the transfer of knowledge. It includes the following activities:

1. Series (3) of lectures (including 3 webinars)

Experts from the partner institutions in the research areas covered by the project will be invited to the IHG PAS to give lectures. What is more, these visits will provide the opportunity of informal discussions with the visiting scientists.

2. Workshops

It is intended to raise the awareness of researchers from the IHG PAS on novel laboratory techniques and innovative research avenues:

  • AGO2-IP procedure and data analysis
  • DNA bisulfite pyrosequencing
  • Methylation analysis using 450K and EPIC Illumina arrays
  • The potencial of CRISPR/CAS9 in haematological neoplasms
  • Animal imaging
  • Dynamic BH3 profiling
  • The potencial of bulk/ single cell RNA and ATAC seq
3. Soft skills seminars

Soft skills seminars (IPR, Commercialization, Gender equality,  GMO/ethics) are foreseen to support the development of transferable skills.

WP3 Stepping up research excellence

As the superior goal of the NEXT_LEVEL project is to raise the Institute’s research performance and scientific excellence, WP3 concentrates on training-through-research mediated by intensive staff exchange with top European research institutions working in the same research areas as the IHG PAS. It is designed to stimulate joint research activities leading to high quality publications and collaborative research projects. It includes the following mobility activities:

1. Short study visits (12)

Up to 1 week visit from IHG PAS to partner institutions (for R1-R4)

2. Training stays (8)

Up to 3 months visit from IHG PAS to partner institutions (for R1)

3. Incoming staff exchange (6)

Up to 1 week visit from partner institutions to IHG PAS (for R1)

Research topics carried out by project partners, within which mobility under the project may take place (but not restricted to).

Programme of the Staff exchange week 28.03 – 1.04.2022.


Contact to partners:

UMCG – prof. Anke van den Berg

UGENT – prof. Pieter van Vlierberghe

UULM –  prof. Reiner Siebert


COVID-19 and other regulations regarding the mobility


WP4 Cooperation and networking

This WP will assure significant upgrade in the management of research projects conducted in the IHG PAS. It is designed to create strong international partnerships through transfer best practice. Extensive consultations on topics such and scientific project management and monitoring, risk management and contingency as well as team leaderships are planned. The WP includes the following activities:

1. Management related training for PIs from the IHG PAS in partner institutions
2. Best practice exchange visits of PIs from the IHG PAS in partner institutions
3. Participation in networking events such as B2B meetings, brokerage events
4. ESR meetings (2) dedicated to professional career development (Poznan and Ghent)
WP5 Dissemination and outreach

WP5 concentrates on dissemination and outreach activities of project results. Dissemination and promotion activities to increase the visibility of IHG PAS and consortium partners among various target groups are aslo planned.  The WP includes:

1. Hematology days

The event shall engage a broad public from the higher universities in Poznań, including students, patients but also high school students. Lectures given by scientists and medical doctors are intended to increase the knowledge on hematologic neoplasms in the general public. Each hematology day will be dedicated to a specific neoplasm.

2. Workshops for juniors

The aim of the event is to increase awareness of leukemias and lymphomas among the youngest.

3. Participation in conferences
4. Publications

Both, conference attendence and joint Open Access publications help to achieve scientific outreach of the project.

WP6 Coordination and management

WP6 is dedicated to the coordination and overall management of the project. It will include strategic management, risk management, project progress monitoring, tracking deliverables and milestones as well as reporting to the EC. It is also aimed at providing recommendations to the Institute how to
exploit the results of the project and build on its positive impact to fulfil the long-term mission.