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Wokshop BioIT analysis of RNA, ATAC and ChIP sequencing datasets

Workshop ‘BioIT analysis of RNA, ATAC and ChIP sequencing datasets’ will take place.

Place: Department of Biomolecular Medicine, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

Duration: November 30th – December 3rd 2021 (Projected)

Course Organizers:

Wouter Van Loocke,
Bruno Palhais,
Prof. Pieter Van Vlierberghe,

Skills required from the participants: basic entry level skills in R/linux.

Over the last years, large scale genomic datasets have become increasingly popular to study the biological function of specific proteins of interested in the pathogenesis of haematological neoplasms. More specifically, single cell as well as bulk RNA sequencing have been used to study differences in gene expression, ATAC sequencing provides information on chromatin accessibility across the genome, and ChIP sequencing can reveal genome-wide binding information on specific proteins of interest or certain histone modifications.
In this 4-day dry lab workshop at Ghent University, participants will learn how to pre-process raw large scale sequencing data sets, including specific pipelines for each of the methods mentioned above. In addition, we will work with the pre-processed data to perform data interpretation and discuss different analyses that can be used to extract the most relevant findings within the data. Large scale genomic datasets will be available on site, and participants will only need their own laptop to participate in the course.
If time allows, some seminars might be given on projects that have used these technologies to increase our knowledge on the molecular biology of specific haematological malignancies.